Friday, 22 MARCH 2013

Announcements - we will initially meet in the '62 room and then move up to Hayes Gym.  Today's WOD is a  Hero WOD that is a bit get ready to try something new!

Equipment required - towel and motivation!!

Warm-up and instruction - we will give everyone a chance to practice each of the movements.  If we have any mil movements studs or studettes that would like to provide some pointers on the rolls, by all means, speak up!



7 rounds for time

3 x forward rolls
5 x wall climbs
7 x toes to bar (scale = knees to elbows or hanging knee raises)
9 x box jumps (24") - note - we may have to improvise with the box jumps and use stacked be flexible as always!!

Check out the demo video:  Adrian from the CrossFit main site

NOTE:  Make sure you monitor your time so that you are not late to formation.  Hero WODs often take MUCH longer than expected!  Scale exercises (# reps or modify exercise) or reduce number of rounds in order to ensure you make it to formation on time.

Post time and any scaling to comments.


Mickey said...

SG1 tomorrow for cow drowning so unfortunately i'll have to continue my absenteeism.

I'll try to make this one up in the afternoon after my strength stuff

R.K. Barker said...

That was fun. Definitely had to rest on the box jumps and forward rolls. Wall climbs sucked, but the toes to bars were tough, mainly a flexibility and rhythm issue. 17:35, as Rx'd.

Caleb McDaniel said...

18:18 as Rx'd. The wall climbs were the hardest part of the WOD.

Matt said...


Great work done this morning. Who would of thought that one would have taken as long as it did.

As Rx'd: 15:25

Adam said...

good luck to all the Firsties on their 'final' APFT...actually this is really the FIRST one that actually counts! I know you all will do great and aspire for far greater than 'not failing.' Once you graduate, you will not receive a letter grade on your APFT, but your soldiers will certainly grade how you did and make judgments about your ability to lead them based on your score. Officers who 'pass' by meeting the minimum required score will FAIL in the eyes of their Soldiers. Continually strive to improve yourself physically so that you are able to smoke whatever physical requirement is thrown at you!

I know you all will do GREAT!

Adam said...

as for the WOD

16:24 as rx'd

Great crew there this morning! I will never look at forward rolls the same again!!!

Unknown said...

Sorry I missed this morning. It looked like a good workout I ended up trying 13.2 and got seven rounds plus 5 chest to overhead and 9 deadlifts.

jswobe said...


I had some garage gym factors working against me.

Fun WOD.

Wall climbs kill me.