Tuesday, 2 September, 2014

Meet at 0530 at Daly field...open WOD

20 minute partner AMRAP
Partner 1: sprint down and back length of daly field
Partner 2: air squats while partner sprints
Both: 30 burpies
Switch roles, repeat...


NickG said...

Burpee - named for Royal H. Burpee who developed the movement (has been modified) as an assessment of fitness.

R.K. Barker said...

Had a fun time with this one. I partnered up with Chris. We changed the sprints to the width of the field to minimize jogging. Got five full rounds and I had 3/4 of my sprint done when time was called.

Alex Vinson said...

We also need to make a shirt that says "Burpees hate you, too"

Partnered with Adrienne, we got four rounds and a few burpees.

Chris Monroe said...

So many burpees!!! I'm still sweating. R.K's a beast at them.

Adrienne said...

Alex and I had soooo much fun, haha. And Chris, everyone is still sweating because this humidity is out of control.

Not complaining though! At least it's not the snowy season yet!