Thursday, 11 September 2014


Meet at 0530 in Hayes Gym…
The West Point Black and Gold Functional Fitness Team would like to invite you all to our 9/11 Memorial Rope Climb.  The event will be in Hayes Gym starting at 0530 until complete.  As a group, we will collectively climb 2,730 feet to represent the total height of the twin towers combined.

Please wear whatever you would like to climb in, either ACUs or IPFU with long socks and good shoes for climbing.


Chris Monroe said...

I won't make it in the morning too much work! Will definitely do 20 rope climbs in the afternoon though

Alex Vinson said...

Great turnout, guys. I'm proud of everyone who showed up. It was a blast! (Given, that might have just been my sleep-deprived delirium, but still)

With everyone there, we climbed the height of the Twin Towers in about 15 minutes!

Good job, everyone. Never Forget.