Wednesday, 06/16/10

CrossFit Football Total

1 rep max of the following exercises:

Power clean
Bench press
Dead lift

Post lift loads and total to comments.

Compare to 7/10/09


ChadC said...

PC- 175
BP- 205
BS- 295
DL- 275

JWM said...

PC: 185
BP: 225
Squat: 255
DL: 315
Total: 980

PR by 70 lbs from last July and still leaving much to be desired!

Anonymous said...

Power Clean - 205
Bench - 255
Back Squat - 265
Deadlift - 415

Total - 1140 (PR)

JC said...

Power Clean - 155
Bench - 225
Squat - 245
Deadlift - 245

Total - 870 (PR)

First time doing the CF Football Total. Good coaching and motivation from the crew was a big help. Look forward to doing it again down the road.

NM said...

Power Clean- 195
Bench- 265
Back Squat- 265
Deadlift- 355

Total- 1080

I'm sure DB put up at least twice that amount...he's a freak of nature. I'm hoping to break his two day WOD domination, though...DB, whatcha got??!! Are ya scared?!

Chris said...

PC - 165
BP - 205
BS - 255

Ran short on time, couldn't get the DL in.

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Power Clean-225 (PR)
Squat-290 (PR)
Dead Lift-385 (PR)

Total: 1135

NM--That's 3.

Mac--I was chasing you but it is hard to make up any ground on a 415 Dead Lift. I have been doing the CF Football Strength WODs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday...They are paying off.

Kings said...

Forgot to post yesterday's workout, but will post on yesterday's link.

Felt like I had to jump into the mix on this one.

PC - 235
BP - 305
BS - 335
DL - 375

Total - 1250
Not sure if I could have gone heavier on some if I had someone giving me a push and spot.

Headed to RVA CrossFit tomorrow in Richmond. They have a pretty sick workout set up for tomorrow. I will post it on the board tomorrow. Also, meet one of JM's old soldiers, who is a trainer there.

RDL said...

If anyone is interested Mark Rippetoe will be giving a Starting Strength Seminar from Friday to Sunday at the Kimsey Center, go to for details. I can practically guarantee that you will PR next week on this WOD just by attending this seminar. There are still open slots, contact me for possible discounts.

Ryan Long, DPE

Ryan said...

BS- 295

mattb said...

PC:205 (PR)