Thursday, 06/17/10

Since the '62 Room is closed for maintenance, we will meet at Shea Stadium track.

4 rounds of:
400m run
1 minute rest
800m run
2 minutes rest

Bring your watch to time your laps.

Post all 8 lap times to comments.


Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Not even going to try and take you on this one NM...



JWM said...

Kings, have fun at RVA. Hope the WOD is a good one. Tell John hello for me!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how to best post this, so this is 400m time/800m time - total:

1:27/3:02 - 4:29
1:26/3:04 - 4:30
1:31/3:12 - 4:43
1:30/3:07 - 4:37

Goal was to keep the 400m laps under 1:30 and the 800m laps under 3:10, so did pretty well.

Demonstrated mental weakness in round 3, then NM caught me and I had to chase him through round 4, so the times improved. Thanks for the push!

JWM said...

Total time: 28:14
Work time: 18:14

Helped to have SG to chase after the whole time!

Mark R said...

1:33/2:59 (Thanks Neal...that hurt!)

BEAUTIFUL morning for a track workout - thanks to everyone for coming out. This is definitely a workout that sucks to do alone!

NM said...


Thanks for coming out, Fellas...great morning. I'll be TDY and miss the Crew tomorrow, but I'll make it up this weekend and see you on Monday.

RDL said...

If anyone is interested Mark Rippetoe will be giving a Starting Strength Seminar from Friday to Sunday at the Kimsey Center, go to for details. I can practically guarantee that you will PR next week on your CrossFit total just by attending this seminar. There are still open slots, contact me for possible discounts.

Ryan Long, DPE


mattb said...

1:30/3:03 - 4:33
1:22/3:01 - 4:23
1:21/3:07 - 4:28
1:27/3:18 - 4:45

My legs absolutely died on the last 800. Good workout. I'm joining the Black and Gold. This is the second day of the rest of my life. Tell Greco I started eating mango slices too so look out.

Scotty G said...

28:00 total, 18:00 work. JVM, thanks for the push, and have a blast at the cert. Welcome to the squad mattb!!

Chris said...


Kings said...

Visited RVA CrossFit and did the following:

800M Run
100 Double Unders
10 Clean & Jerks (135#/75#)
500M Row
75 Sit-Ups
10 Overhead Squats (135#/75#)
800M Run
50 Push-Ups
10 Front Squats (135#/75#)

It was a buttkicker. Finished in 21:50-something.

JWM, passed along your hello. Met his wife too. She was in the same workout group with me.

mattb, what you trying to say? Doing CrossFit with me and Scio wasn't good enough for you?

mattb said...

Kingsley I'm hoping that with a larger group, numerically, that I might actually not come in last every once in a while.

+ I'm training up. We have a frisbee title to defend.

JC said...

Improvised my 400m track over by the five star. Don't think it was quite 400m given my times, but it was close enough to keep with the spirit of the workout:

1:15/2:48 - 4:03
1:15/2:51 - 4:06
1:16/2:55 - 4:11
1:12/2:47 - 3:59

Would definitely like to see some more workouts like this fit into the programming.