Saturday, 06/19/10 - Sunday, 06/20/10

Rest Days

For those that have their Level 1 certification, you must now take a written exam in order to keep your certification.

Here is the link that has all of the information you need - READ IT:

Continue to check the Affiliate page for "Test Only" dates/locations:

Upcoming L1's in the area:
June 26-27 = Brooklyn
August 14-15 = Oakville, CT
September 4-5 = Morristown, NJ

And for those going to ILE
September 25-26 = Ft. Leavenworth


JWM said...
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JWM said...

Team: here is a quick thought on scaling. As many of you know, the goal for CrossFit is to "increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains." Basically, we want to generate as much power as possible.

That said, I started thinking (like a Geek I might add) about scaling after I suffered through Fran as Rx'd during my certification today. Jon Gilson mentioned that scaling is for the powerful and I started wondering whether I could have produced more power if I executed Fran at a lower weight at faster speed.

If you go to Catalyst Athletics ( you find a Work & Power Output Calculator. I ran two scenarios for a 6’1” 180 lb male.

Scenario 1: Fran as Rx’d completed in 9:00
Scenario 2: Fran scaled to 65 lbs completed in 6:00

The power output in Scenario 1 is 102.8 watts (0.14 horsepower).
The power output in Scenario 2 is 134.86 watts (o.18 horsepower).

The bottom line is that the time you save not looking at the heavy bar wishing you did not have to pick it up is translated into power when you are picking up the lighter bar.

Lesson learned is that we can produce more power at lower weights if that is what it takes to keep from coming away from the bar multiple times during the workout. So next time you are wondering whether you should scale of not, don’t be an idiot like me. Scale the weight and produce more power.

Mark R said...

Great comments about scaling!! I definitely think this is some great data to use in discussion with others who think that you have to do every workout "as rx'd."

Thanks Jake!! Look forward to hearing about the cert!