Monday, 06/21/10


3 rounds of:
50 Push Press (95/65)
50 Pull Ups
50 Double Unders (or 200 singles)

***Warm-up with at least three static handstands of 30 seconds***
***Read JWM's post on Sunday about Scaling***

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JWM said...

Crew, I am going to miss you in the morning due to a flight physical (and exhaustion from my WODs this weekend).

I am Level 1 complete. The test was not difficult but was definitely not a "gimme" either. I am happy to share the notes sheet I prepared last night to get ready for it. I would recommend a good review of the level 1 material for any of you who are heading out to take the test soon.

Mark R said...

31:03 scaled to 65#

The push-pull dynamic was very fatiguing. While programming I am undecided if it's good to alternate major muscle groups during the workout to allow for rest and sustain work or if it's good to punish a muscle group. Yes, I know..."constantly varied" just thinking about Pat Sherwood's comment about swimming.

Regardless of whether we should keep this workout or not, my shoulders are getting tired just keeping my arms up on the keyboard!!

Anonymous said...

28:34. That was just plain grueling, and my arms are still feeling limp and noodle-ish...that's a good sign, right? Looking back I enjoyed the WOD, and recommend that we keep it in the deck.

As far as WOD composition and programming is concerned, two paths make some sense to me. Either rotate an overarching focus on a weekly basis (ie strength week, gymnastic week, "cardio" week), or a more consistently random program that integrates multiple focuses within each WOD. I've read articles that support both techniques. In the end, and for Soldiers in particular, perhaps the focus needs to be dictated by the desired endstate. I'm sure there are many paths to our collective goal, and they are all painful in the short-term...but that's the fun part.

Chris said...

25:18. Scaled 65#. Went to jumping pullups after the first round in order to preserve my left shoulder.

Stroh's Lite said...


Miserable!! Wow, I see my Pull-ups need some attention... I probably should have subbed in jumping pull ups to avoid staring up at the bar in-between 3-5 rep cycles...

Scaling to 65# would have kept up the intensity on the PP's as well.
Regardless, that was an arm destroyer.

For the first time ever the DU's were by far the easiest part of a WOD for me. I knocked the first 50 out straight away in one attempt (a DU PR for me!).

mattb said...

29:59 cannot lift arms above head. Bueno

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

So I couldn't do the Hero workout today because I don't have a rope here to climb. I figured this looked pretty brutal so I would give it a shot.

25:30 as Rx'd.

I lost a minute on the 3rd round having to tape up my hands for pull ups. I can't believe I am still learning that lesson 3 plus years into this madness. I would say this is a wheelhouse workout for me but given the fact that I can barely move right now...I would retract that statement immediately.

Good workout Mark, I would keep this one in the rotation for sure.

JC said...
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JC said...


Scaled throughout the workout - 45# for the push press, jumping and band assisted pull ups, and double single mixes. Still trying to refine the fine art of kipping pull ups and coordinated and consecutive double unders. Thoroughly beat after that one.