Thursday, 06/24/10

Run 5k then Row 2k (if Cardio room is open)

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Chris said...

6k from the house. 27:50. 56 seconds slower than last time.

JWM said...

5k time was 22:21 (more than a minute off my last 5k with no excuses)

I came home and did the actual 2k row. 7:29 was the row time.

Had a total of about 15 minutes of rest between the two so I am not sure how well it met the intent of the workout.

Invictus said...

Didn't have row machine so did 4 mile run

5k split - 19:30ish
4-mile time - 25:45

NM said...

-2K Row (subbed 200x 45# SDLHP) = 7:42

-5K Run = 19:40

Stroh's Lite said...

Made up Tuesday's WOD this evening after doing a CF Endurance (1/4mi intervals) cycling version of today's this AM.

6:16 on the 50WB (20lb), 40DU, 30KBS (53lb), 20WW, 10BXJ (24")... delightlfully painful and short!

Those Waiter Walk lunges with the 53lb KB were a coordination nightmare. O/W a fun WOD.

Joe said...

19:50 three mile run
6:01 160, 53# kb sumo DL high pulls

Joe said...
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