Thursday, 06/10/10

Trying something new - feel free to crush me in the comments.

2 rounds of:
2 minutes of row (record calories) - we will stagger each start by 2 minutes
2 minutes of walking lunges (record steps)
2 minutes of bike (record distance)
2 minutes of air squats on med ball (record reps)
Run to the stairway and complete two-footed jumps: (sub 50 box jumps if not at West Point)
-2 at a time (1st floor to 2nd floor)
-3 at a time (2nd floor to 3rd floor)
-4 at a time (3rd floor to 4th floor)
Sprint down the hallway, down the back stairs, back to the '62 room
Rest 5 minutes

Record numbers from first four exercises.


JWM said...

Round 1:
Row - 44
Lunge - 45
Bike - .61
Squats - 56

Round 2:
Row - 45
Lunge - 54
Bike - .63
Squats - 62

Both run/box jump combos were somewhere around 3 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Row: 51/49
Lunges: 68/72
Bike: 1.1/.7
Squats: 75/72

I think the big difference in biking distances was due to a change in types of stationary bikes used.
Overall a good WOD, and kind of felt like taking some sort of PT test. The biking was certainly the rest portion of the workout. I'm not a big biker, but spinning for 2 minutes didn't seem to really get the heart rate up, although maybe finding a way to increase the friction would make it more challenging.
I liked it, Mark...keep 'em coming!

Kings said...

Row: 53/49
W. Lunges: 70/67
Bike: 1.03/0.96
Air Squats: 89/90

Good workout, Mark. Enjoyed it. Agree with Mac about the bikes. My scores came from two different bikes.

Getting my big old legs up four steps was quite a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Many a true word is spoken in jest.............................................................

JC said...

Row: 27/40
Lunges: 57/52
Bike: .75/.96
Squats: 60/50

Overall good workout. Concur with the heart rate comments. Shortening to 1 min each exercise cutting the the rest to 2 min and adding two sets might add to the overall intensity.