Tuesday 2/2/10

30 Muscle-ups for time

Compare to 9/3/09

Post time to comments.


NM said...

Thankfully, all the blood rushed from my massive (white) thighs to the top of my head, thus making it almost impossible to tell that I am (quite possibly) going bald...hopefully I'll be able to provide more ridonkulous images during tomorrow's MU WOD...no big deal...

AJ said...

Didn't keep time.
Strung 4(PR) together, then did doubles and singles until 12. Then did assisted for the remaining 18.

Vanilla Gorilla said...


Thanks to Major Richards with the DU extra credit today. I know what my homework is for tonight.

SM said...


Strung my first 5 together, then I just did singles as my wrists started to bleed through my tape. Did them with bent arms instead of from a dead hang. Last time we did this WOD I couldn't do a single MU.

Won't be able to wear a watch for the rest of the week.

JWM said...

20:08 (PR)

This was the first time I got through the entire WOD. I am not at a full lock-out on the bottom, but it is a big improvement from where I was a couple months back.

Mark R said...


Bob said...

Worked on MUs for about 30 mins. Not quite getting through the transition, but I got closer today than usual. Maybe next time.

Jimmy said...

first time using rings instead of sub. Had to jump up but making big strides with this WOD
-finished with 2 mile interval/hill run

Zachary said...

worked on form, went from a kneeling position

Anonymous said...

In an effort to bring some intensity and ensure WOD completion, had the post-formation group do the following WOD:
75x pushups
50x 95lb SDLHPs
50x ring dips
30x 45lb weightd pullups
25x HSPUs

I don't think any of us were able to do the 45lb weighted pullups, but as a whole this WOD gets after many of the same muscle groups as the 30 MUs.

My time - 15:20 (with 5x 45lb pu's, 10x 20lb pu's, 15x deadhang pu's).

NM said...


Thanks to the morning crew for all the encouragement. Hopefully there were no pictures taken of me today.

JJ?? If your crippled yet motivated roommate can make it, I'd better see you...don't make me call you out.

Gregg said...

9:51 (PR) improved by 9 hours.

Tex said...

8:57 (PR)

Huge improvement over my 16 minutes in September. Next time: full extension.

SB said...

stayed away from MUs due to some bicep tendinitis flaring up
did following workout with my PE350class:
AMRAP (7 min)
5x burpees
10x weighted sit-ups (25lbs)
4 jingle jangles (width of black mat= 1)
after class, did jacobs ladder for 20 min @ 81 ft/min

Maj said...

4:55...anyone else get rope burn on the arms?

BAMA said...

Didn't keep time...
75 Push-ups
50 dips
30 Pull-ups
25 HSPUs

Tam said...

Thanks MAJ Mac! The post-formation crew loves you!!! :-) I still think I'm internally bleeding.....