Monday, 2/15/10

Seven rounds for time of:

95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 10 reps
10 Ring dips


Gregg said...
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Gregg said...


AJ said...

I did the workout but I forgot my watch and I have no idea how to work the fancy clock on the wall. I would guess between 10 and 12 minutes. It was really hard to keep myself going hard without a partner. Pretty pitiful effort on my part.

Jimmy said...

recovery today; from 10.25 mile run in NYC this weekend. Brooklyn Bridge to Battery City Park to Central Park. What a great run that was. (...and still kickin' it in VFFs).

Anonymous said...

Didn't have any way to do Ring Dips so I subbed 20 bench dips. RX'd other than that for 10:04. I wanted to get under 10 but came close.

My brother has a pair of the VFF's and loves them I am going to get myself a pair as well. I have only heard great things about them. Just gotta ok them with my Commander so I can use them during PT with my Reserve Unit.

Maj said...

6:45 rx'd...

I'll admit, I definitely let myself go over the weekend with taco bell, mcdonalds, KFC, and ice cream cake. I know I'll be paying for it tomorrow!

SM said...


NM said...

Worked out at CF Oahu this afternoon...we did Jason:

-100 Air Squats
-5 Muscle-ups
-75 Air Squats
-10 Muscle-ups
-50 Air Squats
-15 Muscle-ups
-25 Air Squats
-20 Muscle-ups

Finished in 18:20...the last 20 muscle-ups took almost as long as the rest of the WOD combined...had a good time with CF Oahu today, but miss the B&G Crew.