Friday 2/19/10

For time:

50 Ring Dips
Gym Loop
50 Iron abs
Gym Loop
50 Handstand push-ups
Gym Loop

Post time to comments.


Joe said...

Info note: As you know, socks are required with your gym uniform. If you're looking for Injinji socks to wear with your Vibrams check . A lot of other stores are sold out or low inventory, but backcountry has a lot of them. Also, the redemption code for a military discount gets you a pair for $8.10. Code: 49H-1-XMHKE. Remember, the more we wear the VFFs without socks the more likely it is they'll be banned, and none of us want that.

JWM said...

Had to do jumping ring dips for my last 10. Did 5 legit HSPU and then switched to the blue/blue combo.

Maj said...

20:29 rx'd

Njc said...

11:50 (not including the 30 seconds or so at the beginning when the clock was stopped.

I was halfway to the water fountain when I realized that I had to run a third gym loop at the end. Oops.

Used blue band for most of the ring dips and Blue/green for HSPUs

Gregg said...

Got all the way to 10 hand stand pushups in 7:02, my final time was 18:15, HSPU took awhile. Good WOD.

Jimmy said...

-Did regular dips
-ran the MWR parking lot
-negotiated my way through the Globo-gym-ers crowding the MWR gym and moving at a medium pace. Wait, I mean, regular PT formations meandering around the gym getting their "sweat on" as they stand around watching each other telling war stories. I'm not bitter though.

JJ said...

14:36, had to sub regular dips for ring dips, HSPUs took over 4 minutes...

Chris said...

16:30. Finished ring dips with blue bands. Green/blue combo on HSPU.

BAMA said...

HSPU with green/blue band combo
ring dips with blue band

I think I should move to blue/blue on HSPU considering they took me about 2 min or less.

Bobby said...

17:41 as rx'd. My form on HSPU and dips got pretty bad towards the end.

NM said...

Knocked out today's WOD at CFO:

-Max Dead Lift
-3 rounds for time of:
500m row
500m run

Max DL was 355# and my time on the other part was 12:11.

Tex, don't ever post an equation on this blog Infantry/rock math brain is still tryin to figure that one out. Oh, and I want you and Vanilla Gorilla on yesterday's WOD...yep, if you were wondering, that was a call out.