Mon - Wed, 26 - 28 DEC

Keep up the fire with interesting WODs in interesting places!  Erin M is rocking it with OHS with bikes, Leigh had the 12 days of Christmas, Sodak and Tex are rocking it at Military Athlete...keep it up!

I still have only received ONE take a CrossFit inspired photo and send it to - I'm hoping to get several awesome pix of folks on vacation!

Take it easy and continue to post your activities!!!


Adam said...

today I did an interesting WOD I made up:

5 rounds for time:
100 x double-unders
Rest time it takes to do 100 DUs

1st 100 - 1:13 (rest 1:13)
2nd 100 - 1:38 (rest 1:38)
3rd 100 - 1:59 (rest 2:06..oops)
4th 100 - 1:41 (rest 1:41)
5th 100 - 1:49

total: 15:54

I was glad I could keep them all under 2 mins.

ErinM said...

WOD with brother again!

200-400-800-1600-800 (interrupted before finishing the final 400/200)

Warm-up and down with mile run back home.

Mickey said...

Flew back to michigan yestersay morning with my girlfriend to do a second christmas with her family.

Today I ran to a local school and used the playground.

100 pullups
100 box jumps
100 pullups

It was snowing and raining so I cut it short and ran back to the house.

Adam said...

dang Mickey, 200 pull-ups is nuts!

Erin, glad to see you are introducing your brother to CF.

Today I did:
25 x air squats
25 x OHS (with pool cleaning rod)
25 x front squat (pool cleaning rod)
25 x back squat (pool rod)

1/4 mile intervals:
1/4 m #1: 1:18 (rest 1:18)
#2: 1:23 (rest 1:23)
#3: 1:21 (rest 1:21)
#4: 1:22

I hate running short distance, high intensity, but it is a good work out so a little brief pain and agony (and wanting to puke) is worth it I guess.

Mickey said...


100 pullups
100 pushups.


ErinM said...

Mickey, we were impressed!

Yesterday: Climbing for 2.5 hours at my local gym. Again with brother (and don't think he wants me to come home again!). Followed by 100 push-ups.

Mickey said...

4 rounds of:
Max reps bench (135)
25 double unders
15 knees to elbows.

Reps for bench went 10-5-5-5.

Went pretty slow and was cautious because I had no spotter and didn't feel like getting stuck under the bar.

ErinM said...

I thought I was trying Angie. But I split up the reps and didn't finish one exercise before moving on to the next:

60 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats

Couldn't make 100 pull-ups - but 60 in one WOD is definitely my PR!


Adam said...

today I was planning 6 rounds, but only ended up with 4 after my son started crying because he thought I was running away from him as I was transitioning from DUs to the pull-up bar. he's almost 2, but doesn't understand CF yet...gotta work on that!

4 rounds:
25 x push-ups
25 x front squats w/ 18.5 lbs. bag of cat food (stinks!)
25 x double-unders
run 50 meters
6 x pull-ups (2 pull-up, 2 chin-up, 2 mixed grip)
Rest 30 seconds

Rd 1: 3:03
Rd 2: 3:10
Rd 3: 3:05
Rd 4: 3:23

Also, I practiced TRIPLE-unders for about 15 minutes to warm-up - never got one, but VERY close!!! Watch out!

Kate said...
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Sweddy said...

Fran, as RX'd. 9:23. I was in the MWR gym (no real pullup place), so next time I am going to try hard to get my time down.