Monday, 12 December

During TEE week, we might not have many folks there for the morning crew at 0530, but this is NOT an excuse for skipping the WODs this week.  One of the best ways to clean your mind and help you study/test more effectively is to routinely exercise!  Drinking excessive amounts of Mountain Dew and pizza will not help you ace your TEEs, but breaking a sweat can definitely help you out!  

A few notes:
1)  If anyone is interested in buying a Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt for themselves or their loved ones/friends for Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanza, etc., please shoot me an email at:  They are $20 each and you can either pick up in the '62 room in the morning or swing by my office in Thayer.
2)  When you take off for Winter Leave, please STAY active!  If you let yourself go physically for 3 weeks and then come back in January, it will be that much harder to get back in the swing of things!  
3)  When you are home, try to look up a local CrossFit affiliate and get in a WOD or two.  Not only does it support the CF community, it can also give you some exposure to other CF programs and coaches, and you might learn something new. for TEE Week WOD #1

Body Weight 550 (named because you do a total of 550 reps during the WOD!!)

10 rounds of the following rep scheme:
10 x double-unders (sub = 3:1 for single-unders OR tuck jumps)
9 x air squats
8 x push-ups
7 x box jumps (24 inch/20 inch)
6 x knees to elbows
5 x lunges (Left leg and then right leg = 1 rep)
4 x pull-ups
3 x ring dips
2 x handstand push-ups
1 x muscle-ups!!!!  (scale to jumping muscle-ups or 3 x ring pull-ups & 3 x ring dips)

NOTE:  Scale number of rounds based on time available and ability.  

Post time to complete all 10 rounds!


JWM said...

Adam do you have shirts in all sizes again?

Mickey said...

Really good workout. I was trying to go slow and do mostly dead hang pullups and good dips.

Did the 3x pullups and 3x dips instead of the muscle ups.

17:30ish for 5 rounds.

ErinM said...

Yay early morning formations.

Only had time for 5 rounds + 10 dus. 17:55

(jumping muscle-ups/ring-dips, elevated push-ups instead of HSPU)

Mickey said...

I did the pike HSPU's too. Forgot to mention that.


Breakfast formation authos for the rest of the week! Woooo!

Adam said...

JWM - I have all sizes for shirts M - XL, plus the tank tops in S and M (you'd look awesome in a S tank top!)

Let me know your address!

Stay warm!

Adam said...

It was AWESOME to see such a big group there in the morning of TEE Week! Great work by everyone and sorry we ran out of time (I wasn't aware of the early formation...)

As for the WOD - Matt killed it with the Muscle-ups - nice work!

As for me - 29:18, did all as rx'd except for the muscle-ups. I did jumping muscle-ups and even that was challenging!

leighgust said...
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Matt said...


That was different, but good. After I got started, I helped a cadet with some questions. It took about a minute plus.

As Rx'd: 33:21

leighgust said...

i forgot to mention no MU for me. :(

jswobe said...


Holy smokes...that took forever. I don't know what was going on or what was slowing me down, but I couldn't seem to move any faster. THS, maybe...

**subbed jumping MUs

Good WOD.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Pauly D said...

13 minutes even, as RX'd. Damn, I'm like Tebow.