Saturday - Sunday, 3 - 4 December

Rest days!  Get ready for another awesome week starting Monday morning.


Mickey said...

CCQ from 1730ish on Friday until 0500 on Saturday morning. No rest for Koss this weekend.

Adam said...

you can do a lot of burpees in that time!

ErinM said...

Bonus points for dress grey burpees.

Made up Thursday's WOD: 250 sit-ups, APFT style.

250 unbroken: 7:28

Adam said...

ErinM - are a beast! Nice work! My abs are still sore from Thursday. Sneezing is torturous!

njc said...

Sunday, with J Weeks

5 rounds, for weight
3x SDHP (65#, 85, 105, 115, 115)
3x Thruster (65#, 85, 105, 115, 115)
3x Weighted pull up (25, 35, 45, 45, 45)

Then, in Hayes, 3 rounds:
7 pull ups
IOCT (bottom half)
then climb rope and burpee broad jump 1/4 of the track
Run back to start

didn't keep time, but huge smoker.

Can't wait to find a box near FT Rucker with MikeRothen ! Ironic that the Word Verification below is "Flite".....

Adam said...

njc - so much for rest days! Nice work!