Tuesday, 13 December

How are TEEs going?  Hopefully well.  Beat the Dean!  Come do CrossFit!!!

A few notes:
1)  If anyone is interested in buying a Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt for themselves or their loved ones/friends for Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanza, etc., please shoot me an email at: blackandgoldcrossfit@gmail.com  They are $20 each and you can either pick up in the '62 room in the morning or swing by my office in Thayer.
2)  Winter CrossFit photo contest - over the break, you have a photo assignment - take an awesome CrossFit picture with a Christmas theme and submit it to me - blackandgoldcrossfit@gmail.com - I will post all the pix, everyone will vote, and the winner will win 1 of 2 remaining vintage Black and Gold t-shirts (old style!).  

TEE Week WOD #2

 5 rounds for time
 Run 400 meters (gym loop) 
 15 x overhead squats  (95/65)  

Post time to comments.


Mickey said...

#65 OHS


Good thing I can go back to sleep for a while...

Matt said...


Great work this morning. I was happy to see cadets braving the gym even with early formation. Good PT clears and preps the mind for testing.

Sean, way to push through. You must have been really moving out on the run because even though I never put the weight down on OHS, you still beat me (I think).

As Rx'd: 16:07

All sets of OHS unbroken. The stair were a nightmare after OHS.

jswobe said...

21:14 (as Rx'd)

Nancy is one of my favorites. It's hard, but it's so CrossFit! This is the first time I have ran in a WOD since July...and it showed.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

ErinM said...

With a 0625 formation, I decided to go running instead:

Michie stadium loop (Thayer to Trophy point): 23:57

Then, after TEEs:
Nancy at 45lb OHS: 19:52
4 out of the 5 OHS sets unbroken!

Followed by DLs (5 reps per set):
95-115-125-135-140 (my PR by a lot)

Totally pumped for the rest of my TEEs!

Adam said...

since I missed this morning, I went in at 1700 today...it was lots of fun after a day of sitting at my desk.

as rx'd: 20:00 on the dot.

this was the first time I've done Nancy at 95 lbs, so I'm fairly happy.

First set of OHS unbroken, but after that had to break up and rest a bit after 10 or so.

JC said...

I'm a little late on my post, but better late than never:

13:20 #65 OHS

It's been awhile since my last visit to the '62 room so I scaled down significantly. It felt good to be back.

leighgust said...

17:50. 55 then bumped down to 45#