Friday & Saturday - 30 - 31 December

The break is ALMOST over and it's about time to get back at it in the '62 Room!  I've missed working out with the morning crew!

In preparation for the New Year, we are going to set some New Year's Resolutions...but  not in the typical "I'm going to go to the gym more" or "I'm going to lose some weight" - those generic resolutions NEVER work!  So, in order to have some chance at success, we are going to use a little PL100-action to get things moving in the right direction, and we are going to set SMART goals.

SMART goals are: Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-based.

As an example:
I will attempt 25 double-unders every morning for a month as part of my warm-up routine.  

This hits all the points in that the goal is very specific (25 DUs daily), it is measurable (did you do 25 DUs or not), action-oriented (doing something), realistic (attempting 25 DUs should be realistic, it didn't say "100 unbroken DUs" or anything like that - that might be a bridge too far for most folks, especially daily!), and time-based (daily for a month).

So think about what you want to improve on and set a SMART goal to get there!!!!!

Post SMART goal(s) for 2012 to comments.  Remember - keep it REALISTIC and focus on 1 - 3 goals at most!!


Mickey said...

I will do at least one upper and lower body strength lift per week to get my bench over 200 again and my squat over 250

Mickey said...

Todays workout:

10 rounds of-

10 dips
10 pullups
10 knee raises

Didn't time it but I made sure to keep my heart rate up.

ErinM said...

Went to my local cross fit - Crossfit ABQ.

5X10 back squats @ 55#
10X3 strict pull-ups (9 sets with a blue band for assistance)
10x8 Russian KBS @ 53# for last 1/2
3x30 sec "L" sits (more like chair sits for me)

Then: 4 mile run with 35# pack: 33:13

jck said...

I will add a long distance run every week to my workout routine.

ErinM said...

Goal: Make French Commando School at the Competitive MIAD tryouts in January.

To work towards this:
- one long distance run with weight per week
- incorporate APFT push-ups/sit-ups in every morning warm-up
- strict pull-ups: work towards a total of 5, incorporate in morning warm-up