Friday, 12 September 2014


Meet at 0530 in the Powerlifting Room…

Power Clean 5×3 (use 60% 1RM and use perfect form)

Bench 3 x 5 (use 60% 1RM and use perfect form)

Then…move to ’62 room for…

Complete 4 rounds for time:

50/35 lbs DB Hang Power Clean – 10 reps
Dynamic Push Ups – 10 reps (see video for proper progression assessment)
50/35 lbs DB Hang Power Clean – 10 reps
Seated Med Ball Throws – 10 reps (throw against wall at top of sit-up, catch, and  then go down)

Post times to comments


Unknown said...

Power Clean: #135

Bench: #145

WOD: 10:20 Rx

Alex Vinson said...

Glad to see Louis stop by this morning before he left for England! We miss you and we're glad you came to say hi!

Power Clean: 70#
Bench Press: 75#
WOD: 12:58
*had to use 30# DBs because the 35s were MIA (I think they were just scared of all of this raw power...) and I used 14# for the med ball.

Alex Vinson said...

Also, I recorded everyone's power clean. If you want to see that footage to see what you need to work on, email me!

R.K. Barker said...

Used 95 for the PC and Bench.

40 lbs on the WOD and did my pushups onto 45 lb plates. 10:51.98

MTF on tomorrow's WOD.