Monday, 24 DECEMBER 2012

I hope all the cadets survived their Term End Exams and instructors survived grading them all!!!  By now everyone should be home for the holidays and enjoying far too much food and drink with friends and family!  Enjoy your time off, but find a way to stay active!  Try to a break a sweat each and every day some way, some how and no, meat sweats don't count!  

For the last 4 days I've been walking around Disney carrying around a 35 lbs. object (my son!) and STANDLAP 30 (standing in as many lines as possible for 30 minutes...) It was fun, but I miss the morning crew and the '62 room!  I've enjoyed reading everyone's creative WODs - lots of great work being done!!

Post your activities for the day to comments!  And remember the Christmas photo competition - send pictures to!!!

Enjoy your last minute shopping!  If you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute!!!


Mickey said...

225 deadlift
Rxd 14:26

In a tight basement with no bumper plates,chalk, or even enough room to kick up into a handstand. I was trying to keep a fine balance between pushing myself hard and throwing up on the carpet.

Had a nice paleo breakfast pie aftwerwards. 8 eggs, 1lb sausage, a shredded sweet potato, and onions n stuff in a crock pot cooked on low for 8 hours. Delicious.

ErinM said...

Fun bodyweight WOD with my brother:
7 rounds
35 air squats
25 push-ups
15 pull-ups


Adam said...

glad everyone is having fun! I did a fun playground WOD today:

Ran 1 mile to the playground (untimed warm-up)
7 x dips
Run about 100 meters
7 x neutral grip pull-ups on monkey bars
7 x box jumps (approx. 30 in)
7 x neutral grip pull-ups on rings
7 x box jumps (approx. 20 in)
Run 1 mile home (cool down)

3 rounds + 7 dips