Monday, 17 DECEMBER 2012

I know the TEEs are in full swing, so knock this one out when you can, where you can!  During TEE week it is important to take a break from studying and get your blood pumping with some exercise!  Even if you don't do the posted WOD, at least go for a jog, play basketball...or anything to break a sweat!

This morning we will meet in the '62 Room to warm-up and then depending on space, we may move up to Hayes Gym.


Today's WOD is simple, yet I guarantee it will be challenging, regardless of your ability level.  Prior to starting pick which level you are doing and then STICK WITH IT!  This is deceptively tough and so pick your level wisely!!

Push-ups with penalties!

Level 1 (Beast): 200 push-ups + tax for time
Level 2 (Lion Heart): 150 push-ups + tax for time
Level 3 (Super Trooper): 100 push-ups + tax for time
Level 4 (Warrior): 75 push-ups + tax for time

TAX: Every time you break form and rest, then you will knock out 15 sit-ups (APFT standard; feet anchored and hands laced behind your head).  "Rest" is defined as having your knees resting on the ground or if you remove your hands from the ground - APFT push-up standards apply!!  Make sure you get the full range of motion on your push-ups and don't cheat yourself!!

NOTE:  You can choose any rep scheme or strategy that you'd like!  Small sets?  Large sets?  It's up to you!!

Compare to: 24 SEPT 2012

Post level selected, strategy employed, and overall time to comments.


Mickey said...

ah this old classic again.

Breakfast is at 645 all week so i fear it will be difficult to make it to the morning crew.

Feeling a lot better though and i look forward getting back after it.

Adam said...

Mickey, no worries man, just use all that 'extra time' you have this week to make it up when you can.

I'm heading out Monday afternoon, so I will be out all week.

good luck on TEEs!

Matt said...


I was an Army of One today. I saw Erin today, but she was braver than I and did a more intense WOD with the ladies group.

I took 1:33 off my old time. My strategy was to get as many as I could when I was fresh regardless of the rest I needed to take in an approved APFT rest position. Resting in the front leaning rest still takes less time than sit-ups.

Level 1 (Beast): 9:10 w/ 60 sit-ups

R.K. Barker said...

MAJ Radik, you're making me look and feel bad, stop being such a beast! I went with level one, my strategy was to do 10 sets of 20 to stay consistent and also get some good ab work in there. I did a total of 135 sit-ups. This is embarrassing: 21:30.

Mickey said...

Beast: 11:58

8 sets of 25 PU's

105 total situps
Used my abmat for the situps.

This one always sucks way more than i expect it to.

ErinM said...

Supertrooper to warm-up (5:30ish): 40-20-20-20.

Then a variation of Fight Gone Bad:
3 rounds of:
1 minute each:
Wall ball shots (14 lb)
Sumo deadlift highpull (40lb dumbbell)
Box jumps (24 and 20 inches)
Double unders

66, 82, 82 = 230

Caleb said...

So I needed a break after studying. Went for it and thought time for beast mode.
Benching is paying off for sure.
I went 100-25-(this is where I lost count)I either did another 25, then 30 and 20 to finish off at 6:51 with 45 situps. That seemed fast thought so I did another 25 just in case and finished at 8:36. Good one workout! Great to do in your room for a quick workout.