Friday, 21 DECEMBER 2012

It's the shortest day of the year as far as daylight is concerned...make it count!

Friday's WOD:

"M"  -   Metcon is often called 'cardio' and the point is to fire up your heart rate!  Common examples include running (sprints, middle distance (1 mile - 5 km), or longer), jump rope, cycling, swimming, rowing, etc. etc.  .

So, the mission for today is "M" - be creative and I look forward to seeing your WODs this week!

Post WOD and results to comments.

Also, reminder about the photo contest!!!  See below!

Get ready for the 2012 edition of the Christmas Black and Gold CrossFit photo challenge!  Last year we had some strong entries from Mickey (shake weight with Santa hat!) and many be sure to pack your B&G CF shirt or WOD for Warriors shirt with you for leave.  Snap an awesome picture of you getting after it doing anything the requires exertion of effort and then email me your picture(s):  I will post all the pictures in time for the New Year and the winner gets a t-shirt!!!!  This contest is open to everyone who reads this blog and considers themselves a friend of B&G CF!  if you don't have a shirt, then send in your picture anyway and maybe you can WIN a shirt for next year's contest!!!


jck said...

shoveled snow this morning. A nice thick sleet/ice mix.

Mickey said...

still recovering from TEE week and sleeping in the airport thursday night to catch my 6am friday flight.

girlfriend on back pushups
girlfriend on back squats


Unknown said...

Happy Holidays, Everyone. Did this workout at MWR:

3 Rounds:

100 Double Unders
100 Calories on the bike