Attention all cadets and friends of Black and Gold CrossFit - GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to seeing the cadets reach muscle failure on the PUSH-UP in the stands on Saturday!!!

In the meantime...it is just about the last few days you can get your 2 for $25 special deal on the sweet West Point WOD for Warriors t-shirts.  Yes, they say Veterans Day 2012, but they also say "WEST POINT" and they are dirt cheap!  If you have the special CrossFitter in your life get them a shirt or two for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus, or whatever holiday you may or may not celebrate!

If interested, email: blackandgoldcrossfit@gmail.com
If you order by Thursday, it should go out before Winter Leave starts.

check out the picture:


Matt said...


I did yesterday's WOD today at home. I started with 3-3-3-3-3 deadlift and then the WOD, scaled-up a bit. Ring push-ups, GHD sit-ups, and goblet squats with a 35lbs kettlebell.

Deadlift: 320-330-340-350-360(f)
WOD: 5 rounds + 10 push-ups

Mickey said...

AMRAP 6 hours:
Cheer for army


The army team should look into hammer curls or something. They need to get that grip strength up.