MONDAY (08 FEB 2016)


5-7  Minute Warm-up
-2-3 Min active movement (running, rowing, biking)
-5 Inch worms
-Air Squats
-Hip Stretching

STRENGTH (Hang Power Cleans):

6x6 (Start about 55% to 65% 1RM).

After warm up, conduct 6 hang power cleans, returning to hang position each time (don't put bar down).

Increase weight as necessary / able.

Row 500m
50 Sit-ups
Row 1000m
30 Sit-ups
Row 2000m
20 Sit-ups.

-If able conduct GHD will have to run from Rower (62' Cardio Room) to GHD (3rd floor weight room).

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Nicolas Ouimet said...

Was able to do the WOD in 26:48. The worst part was the transition from the rowers in the 62 Room to the GHD in the 3rd floor weight room, and back...lost between 6-8 minutes in transition (it was also brutal to "run" up the stairs after rowing).
Maintained the following 500m splits for the row:
-500m (1:50)
-1000m (1:52.9)
-2000m (1:54.3)