TUESDAY (09 FEB 2016)

5-7 Min Warm up:
-2-3 Min active movement
-10 lunges FW & BW
-15 Air Squats
-10 Push-ups
-10 Bottom to bottom push-ups.

-6x6 Flat Bench (Use 85%-95% 5RM).


For Time (In any order and broken up as needed)

-300 Double Unders (Sub 2x Regular Jump Ropes)
-50 GHD (Sub 2x Regular sit-ups)
-50 Plate Push-Ups* (Sub 2x Regular Push-ups)

*Plate Push Up = Set up 2x 45# bumper plates about 12" apart.  Do an explosive push-up on the floor, pushing yourself off the ground and landing on the plates.  Repeat this on the plates landing back on the ground.  Think clapping push-ups, but rather than a clap just transition on and off the 45# bumper plates...still ensure to reach 90 degree with arms.

FINISHER (If able & time allows)
-Flat Bench: As Many rounds as possible of 65% of max weight benched in 6x6.
-2 Min Rest
-Flat Bench: AMRAP of 60% of 6x6 weight.
-90 Second Rest
-Flat Bench: AMRAP of 55% of 6x6 weight.

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