-2-3 Min: Active warm-up
-3-4 Min: Mobility
   -Hip Mobility
   -Arm / Shoulder Mobility

STRENGTH / SKILL (Jerks...from Rack)

-Start with light to moderate loading (Bar to 95#)

-Warm-up to 60% 1RM

Then (Keeping rest intervals at 120-150 seconds)
5 x 65%
4 x 70%
3 x 75%
3 x 80-85%
2 x 85-90%
...Try for 1RM if feeling good.
*Utilize split or push Jerk (Split being ideal).


7 Min AMRAP (Pull-Push)

Level 1:
3 x Pull-ups
3 x Push-ups
6 x Pull
6 x Push
*Continue increasing reps by 3.

Level 2:
3 x Chest to Bar Pull-ups
3 x Clapping Push-ups
6 x C2B
6 x Clap Push-ups
*Continue increasing reps by 3.

This is a very intense WOD, ensure to work within your capabilities.  If weak on pull-ups utilize an exercise band or jumping pull-ups.  If week on push-ups utilize an ab-mat.

*Post loads & reps in comments.
*There is a group which meets in Arvin every MON/WENDS/FRI morning at 0530 if you are interested.  Otherwise contact CPT Ouimet to work out other possible times or be connected with the growing group of students following the workouts.

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