Thursday 3/4/10


Five Rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-Ups
30 Push-Ups
40 Sit-Ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.
Post total time and time of each of five rounds to comments.

Compare to 2/16/09


JWM said...

I just had a preemptive dry heave looking at the WOD for tomorrow. This is going to be a good new adventure!

Nick B said...

Total Time: 39:43 (work = 27:43)
Round 1: 3:50
Round 2: 5:39
Round 3: 6:25
Round 4: 6:31
Round 5: 5:19
I am not going to attempt to double underline my answer and do the math again. Bottom line- mentally I was defeated by the look of these rounds. Thanks to NM for pushing me on round 5-

JWM said...

Total Time: 35:51 (work = 23:51)
Round 1: 3:44
Round 2: 4:35
Round 3: 5:05
Round 4: 5:27
Round 5: 5:00
That destroyed me in a good way. My push-ups were horrendous and my toughness was on vacation.
It was great to see people getting after it and watching NM basically do an extra round as he cheered people on.

kseki said...

Total time: 33:40(work=21:40)
as Rx'd
Round 1: 3:58
Round 2: 4:05
Round 3: 4:37
Round 4: 4:27
Round 5: 4:36
Great WOD. I too dry heaved looking at it last night.

JWhips said...

Total Time: 28:55 (work = 16:55)
Round 1: 2:45
Round 2: 2:55
Round 3: 3:42
Round 4: 3:55
Round 5: 3:38

First time with Barbara and she destroyed me. The sit-ups were the absolute worst for me.
Nice group this morning, a smaller group, but it was good to see everyone get after this WOD and encourage each other.
NM, seriously, extra rounds? You're my hero.

Anonymous said...

Total Time: 30:55 (work = 18:55)
1 - 3:21
2 - 3:27
3 - 3:44
4 - 4:03
5 - 4:20
Based on today's photo I wasn't the only one to be completely destroyed by Barbara. First time doing this WOD, and I think I'll be shaking for the rest of the day.

Sodak said...

Total Time: 31.42 (work = 19.42)

Oh my, so I just went for a total time thing... I missed the per round timing memo. It probably wouldnt have worked out for me anyways (rock math). Thanks for the encouragement.

body= not happy.

NM said...

Total Time: 27:39 (work = 15:39)
Round 1: 3:00
Round 2: 2:58
Round 3: 3:13
Round 4: 3:16
Round 5: 3:12

Loved hangin out and sharing the suck together this morning. Good times...

I may or may not be around for awhile due to Founder's Day travels, but hope to be back with the crew soon. Peace Out, Cub Scout...

Anonymous said...

Total time: 32:53 (work = 19:53)
1: 2:48
2: 3:15
3: 4:01
4: 4:15
5: 4:29

sdc said...

39:02 total time
didn't keep track of individual round times. i was too busy dry heaving during my 3 minute breaks

Jimmy said...

Aggregate only with one minute rest in between (due to time constraints): 37.51

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Ooooh this one. Main site had this back at the beginning of the year as the end of a 3 day cycle. The two workouts before were Angie (100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and 100 squats) and Cindy (AMRAP 20min 5 pull up, 10 push up, 15 squat) I pulled a 17:21 total work time which was a PR and based on the previous two days was pretty stoked to be able to even finish at all. I couldn't lift my arms for a week without wincing.

Wish I could have been there with you guys today it looks like it was fun.

What's with the laying down JWhips?

When it doubt just ask what would Neal Mayo do or as I have written on my white board in my garage...WWNMD?

Hope you all are doing well.


AJ said...

27:19 (work = 15:19)
Did it with Zach this afternoon. Had to do company weigh-ins this morning so i missed out on the AM crew.

JWhips said...

DB, thanks for dropping in. Nice to hear from you.

I was totally gassed at the end of this WOD and since I'm not from Finland, I figured I would just drop down to the floor.
Or it might have been that I hadn't taken a picture yet and I needed one for the post. I gave Neal my camera and had him take the pic. It was a nice excuse to lay down. Notice that I was able to talk Jake into joining me.

SM said...

27:02 (work = 15:02)
Round 1: 2:48
Round 2: 2:50
Round 3: 3:01
Round 4: 3:16
Round 5: 3:07

Alex pushed me through this. Couldn't imagine doing this workout by myself.

westpointlefty said...

Total time 34:40
Work= 19:40

Unknown said...

Total Time 32:10 (work=20:10)