Wednesday 7/29/09

For time.

Run 5k

Post time to comments.

Compare to 6/11/09

Bonus round

50 x Push up
50 x Pull up
50 x Sit up


Chris said...

5K - 24:17 (really slow)

Bonus round - 7:22 (also really slow)

JWhips said...

5km - 22:40
Bonus - 6:07

Least favorite WOD: any run over 800m.

Unknown said...

5k - 21:44
Bonus - 6:17

Nutrition Tip:
Too much cola zaps muscle power:

NM said...

5K - 19:04
Bonus - 5:10

Chris M said...

5K - 26:30 (w/Scotty)
Bonus: 8:20 (pull-ups take me forever)

SB said...

Ran for about 18:00 down along the river and then my dog couldn't sustain any longer so had to stop.
Finished up the pu/pull/su in Gillis.
Bonus: 5:22

Jimmy said...

5k: 22:59 (ran on treadmill with a .3% incline to cover the unnatural treadmill bounce. I think this is a PR for me and that doesn't even take into account that my legs are still recovering from Monday's bunny-hop smoke session.
avg HR: 171
Peak: 187 This was interesting b/c I was tracking my HR and that allowed me to sustain a higher pace than what I thought I could do. Mentally, I was gassed, but physically (hr monitor) I could keep going.

Bonus: 8:07 Pull-ups became my achilles.

Anonymous said...

22:13 in the Texas heat in the middle of the day. The last mile was not pretty at all. I forgot to time the bonus, but I my pullups were not good enough. Granted, I think I was seeing things after that run.

JJ said...

23:04, not a good run
Bonus - 5:11

Unknown said...

I can attest to the nutrition tip: I quit drinking soda about a month ago and have seen noticeable improvement in my strength/power. I think the combination of that as well as crossfit pushed me past the plateau I seemed to be on for the 3 or 4 months prior to quitting soda and starting crossfit.

See you all in the morning.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Miss the morning crew. Walking the mountains of West Point for a workout is not as much fun. Hope to be back for Friday's workout but at a minimum I'll be there Monday.

Tex said...

18:19 on a treadmill with an incline of 2. I am not really sure what the 2 means, percent or degree...

I did not remember the bonus correctly and did squats for the pullups: 4:00

Anonymous said...

I supplemented today and did 10 x 100m sprints with 90 seconds rest in between. I managed to not slow down from 1 to 10, but its hard to get an exact time by yourself. Lots of running today.