Friday 7/10/09

CrossFit Football Total

1 rep max of the following exercises:

Power clean
Bench press
Dead lift

Post lift loads and total to comments.


Stroh's Lite said...

Pwr Clean- 155
Squat- 215
Bench- 155
Dead Lift- 295

Vanilla Gorilla said...

Power Clean- 135
Squat- 285
Bench- 155
Dead Lift- 325

Total: 900

JWM said...

Power Clean - 165
Squat - 225
Bench - 205
Dead Lift - 315

Total: 910

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Power Clean: 215
Squat: 275
Bench Press: 215
Dead Lift: 405

Total: 1,110

Unknown said...

PC - 165
Squat - 215
Bench - 215
DL - 265

Total - 860

Sam - WICKED numbers!!!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Couldn't do the WOD today since I am on vacation in Delaware so I took my kettle bell down to the beach and did the following:
AMRAP 20 min of:
10 x 55 KBS
10 x Burpee
10 x Squat
250m run in the sand (125 down and back)

8 rounds was my total. By the way, sand pretty much makes all of those exercises suck even more.

Good week, look forward to being back with the group on Monday.

Oh yeah, Sam, those numbers are awesome but tell me you've been sandbagging. 215lb power clean is pretty solid. You should be able to kill a squat clean. We'll work on them next week. Good other numbers too.

Unknown said...

I would just like to point out that I haven't been sandbagging-the fact is that I'm in terrible shape right nowwhen it comes to anything outside the realm of a one-rep max or general power workout. It's hard to do well at anything else when your last two mile run time was 14 minutes.

I'm working on that though, and have been doing a few of the crossfit endurance workouts 2-3 times a week as well.

Also form on the more complex exercises like squat-cleans and so forth is something I could use some help with.

It also helps to be 22 years old.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Sam-It also helps to have tree trunks for legs.

It is going to be awesome to work with you these next few months. You are going to be a beast when you leave here. Don't worry about that 2 mile time, it will drop significantly.

Jimmy said...

Made up the Stony I run from earlier this week starting roughly from the same point.
27:56. Used a double stroller + 2 kids = approximately 110#.
AVG HR: 152
Peak HR 185. My HR peaked about halfway up the hill. I noticed that I could not break 180 after that which seems to validate the CF concept of shorter and more intense workouts lead to a greater output.

SB said...

Rest day....will also use the weekend too. The 3 days will be good for the body.

Kings said...

Power Clean - 230
Squat - 350
Bench - 285
Dead Lift - 345

Total - 1210

Good week of workouts. Liked the variation. Thanks Mark.

Tex said...

Power Clean - 165
Squat - 245
Bench - 190 (95)*
Dead Lift - 285

Total: 885

*My right chest and arm are still a bit messed up, so I did one-arm dumbbell bench with my left. Then doubled the weight.

JJ said...

PWR Clean - 225
Bench - 205
Squat - 280
Deadlift - 365

Ran out of juice on the bench, definitely a good workout program this week. Sam, awesome work.