Monday 7/6/09


For time.

21-15-9 reps of:

135lb Squat clean
Ring dip

Post time to comments.


Vanilla Gorilla said...

Scaled to 95 lbs


Unknown said...

15:15 (95#)

Nutrition Tip:
What is Hyperinsulinemia?
Insulin is the hormone - produced by the pancreas - that allows glucose into cells where it can be utilized as fuel. Through bad luck (heredity) and lifestyle (too much dietary carbohydrate chiefly) your cells can become resistant to insulin. The mechanism of this resistance is still being studied but we know that the insulin receptors that sit on every cell’s surface lose their ability to function. This causes the pancreas to secrete more insulin than is normal to get glucose inside the cell. Though insulin is absolutely essential to life, chronic and acute elevation of insulin wreaks havoc in the human body. This process is known as “insulin resistance” and the resultant condition is “hyperinsulinemia”.

Read CFJ #15 (Nutrition: Avoiding Metabolic Derangement) for more info (it's free at

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

11:23...much different with squat cleans. Good start to the week.

Despite what many may think here...make no mistake, you are training for combat and it is your responsibility to train as hard as you can in all aspects because your life and the lives of your Soldiers depend upon it.

Unknown said...

11:29 (115#)

DanH said...

rx'd - 13:38

CSmith said...

17:10. I left everything on the mat. I just need to come by later today and pick it back up.

NM said...

16:16...ditto to B&G CF's comment.

Kings said...


This workout is definitely in my wheelhouse. Only hit my head twice on the bar during dips.

Now, on to softball.

SB said...

15:30 (scaled to 95lbs and used blue pwr bands on dips)

Jimmy said...

22:41-what a smoker! had to sub ring dips for regular dips and pull-ups. Felt residual effects from last night's make-up of last Tuesday's Thruster WOD. I believe this had an impact on my inability to sustain a higher heart today. Also, I think if I would have scaled the weight that my heart rate would have increased as well b/c I would have spent less time with recovery.
Avg Hr: 158
Peak Hr: 180

RW said...

10:29 as rx'd