Wednesday 11/04/09


For time.

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

Double unders
Sit ups

Post time to comments

Compare to 6/1/09


Chris said...

8:34 (PR)

JWM said...


DUs are a humbling experience for me. Definitely another goat to work on!

Unknown said...

11:35 (PR by 2+ minutes)
AbMat sit ups....ouch!

For those that had the misfortune of having the clock start over during your workout, it should have started over at 21 minutes.

We'll ensure that doesn't happen in the future. Sorry about the confusion!

Keep encouraging people to come out in the morning. As the "gray period" approaches the value of PT increases.

SB said...

did yesterday's wod.
run-burpee box-1mi
time: 12:40
felt good to get back after being under the bug the past couple days. my lungs were burning, but legs felt good. good wod DB.

Jimmy said...

12.10. Did regular jump rope (x 4 reps) instead.

JWhips said...

5:20 (PR by several minutes)

I was waiting on the clock clarification to figure out my time. Thanks MAJ R.

Only broken set of DUs was the 40 (27 and 13). The sit-ups is what really hurt today. I've been skimping in my warm-up and it showed.

Thanks to MAJ Mayo for pushing me this morning.

JWhips said...

Here is a quote from Alec Hanson (

"I CrossFit because I’m after what matters. I want real fitness, not the beach body. I want to be able to pick up a wall if it falls on my loved one. I want to be able to break through a locked door if what’s on the other side matters. I want to be useful in life when it matters.

That’s why I CrossFit."

Why do you CrossFit?
Why isn't your roommate or your classmates?
Like MAJ R said, the premium on good PT is going up.

NM said...

6:17...thanks for smokin' me, Jason. Great work.

Paul Mary said...

yesterdays wod 15:30

legs felt like bricks on the run

Paul Mary said...

9:48, singles, abmat su

MikeRothenb said...

First time doing this WOD, im surprised as to how ive improved on double unders the past few days. great prep for the competition on saturday. Im looking forward to it.

Gregg said...

17:45, pretty much all singles with
GHD situps since we don't do them that often, it felt good to get back on the thing, but I definitely had a headache afterwards.

cd said...

9:57. Subbed 4x singles on the set of 30.