FRIDAY (29 APR 16)

Strength: Clean + hang clean: 10 rounds, every 2:00, perform:
-1x squat clean + 2x hang squat clean. (Start at a moderate weight and increase the weight each round so the last set is a max for the day.)
Work Capacity: 5 rounds – Every 4 minutes, complete:
-Row 500
-20 x Sit-ups
-20 x Push-ups
-With any time remaining: Max Burpees
*Rest 60 seconds between rounds:  Score is total number of Burpees performed in 5 rounds.
Conditioning (Optional): 8 rounds – Every 60 seconds, perform:
-1x 200m sprint. If you are unable to keep up this pace, sit out the round you miss, then continue with the following round.

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