5 Sets of:

3 x DLs into 2 x Hang Cleans into 1 x Jerk (Split or Push)

In other words, it is continuous from the 3rd DL to the Cleans, and from the 2nd Clean to the Jerk.

*Start with a few warm-up sets at light weight to work on form, then increase the weight for 5 moderate to difficult sets.



Row x 500m (in '62 room).
50 x Burpees
50 x KBS (53/35)
***With the remaining time complete as many:
1. Double-unders as possible
OR...If you can't consistently string more than 15 double-unders together:
2. Box Jumps (30"/20")...there are boxes in the '62 Room and upstairs in the 3rd floor weight room.

So if you finish the row, Burpees, and KBS in 7 minutes you then do as many of either double-unders or box jumps in the remaining 3 minutes.

-Post weight totals, and the amount of either DUs or Jumps you completed (or how far you got if you did not make it to the extra work).

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Nicolas Ouimet said...

STRENGTH: 95/135/175/205/225

Then did, for time:
(2/10): 2 x 325# Dead Lift + 10 x Ankles 2 Bar
(10/2) Total Time 6:54

Then WOD:
Complete 120 Double-Unders with remaining time.