Dead Lift

Build up to and establish a new 3RM.

WOD (Chipper)*
50 x Bench (95/65)
50 x Explosive Push-ups**
10 x Farmers carry 25' (65/45) (down & back = 1 rep)

*This workout can be done in any order and it is recommended that you knock out 5-10 reps of each, move on to the next, and continue in this manner until all reps are complete.  Typically you will only be able to do 1-2 Farmers Carries at a time.

*Explosive Push-ups:  Use 2x35# bumper plates.  Do a regular pushup but push so hard you land with your hands on top of the plates.  Complete a pushup on the plates and then push off and land back on the floor.  Like a clapping pushup, but rather than clapping you switch between the floor and the plates.

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