FRIDAY (08 APR 16)

Partner WOD (IOCT)

In teams of 2.  One partner starts and completes 1 whole IOCT.  The other partner subtracts the 1st obstacle (Low Crawl), and waits for the performing partner to finish.  Once the original partner crosses the finish line they call out to let their partner know to start.  The 2nd partner then completes an IOCT starting at the 2nd obstacle, (Tires).  The original partner now moves to the preceding obstacle, (2-Handed Vault), and waits for their partner to finish and call down for them to start.  The teams continue in this manner, continually subtracting an additional obstacle, until the final partner finishes the baton run & sprint (counted as a single obstacle).

For the purpose of this workout the obstacles are:
1. Low Crawl
2. Tires
3. 2-Handed Vault
4. Shelf
5. High-Bars
6. Hanging Tires
7. Balance Beam
8. Wall
9. Horizontal Ladder
10. Rope Climb
11. Med-Ball Run
12. Baton Run & Sprint.

*At any time a performer may choose to skip an obstacle by preforming 10 burpees.  If you do so in order to skip the shelf or rope you then take the cargo net.

If preforming this workout individually:  Run one complete IOCT.  Take an equal rest to work ratio. Subtract 2 obstacles and start once you have rested the equal amount of the time it took you to run the previous lap.

*If not at West Point / Able to complete the IOCT:
-Run or Row a 5K for time.
-Swim a 1K for time.

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