Wednesday, 14 May

Location: Meet at 0530 in the '62. Or whenever you can get it in.


3 Rounds I go, You go (Partner 1 goes, Partner 2 rests, then flip flop) (or Rest 1:1, as long as it takes you to do a round)

50 Double Unders
25 Wall Balls
15 Pull ups

DO NOT SKIP THE REST!!! It is there for a reason, just like in interval training.

Good Luck on your TEEs this week!!!!

Post results to comments.


R.K. Barker said...

That sucked! My DUs were pathetic, I haven't done them in a few months. Arms look great. I worked with MAJ Hunter and Vinson (who provided some nice extra rest). 24:30, Rx'd.

ErinM said...

Highlight of the morning - beating RK through a round.

With Adrienne:
23:20, as RX'd (5/6 rounds)

Alex Vinson said...

Shut up RK.

Tried to do pullups without any help. Failed miserably. Worked with MAJ Hunter and Barker. 24:30.