Tuesday, 13 May

Location: Meet at 0530 in the '62. Or whenever you can get it in.


20 min AMRAP

Row 500m
Bear Crawl one way down the breezeway between the two parts of the '62 Room
10 burpees
15 situps

Good Luck on your TEEs this week!!!!

Post results to comments.


ErinM said...

4 rounds + 6 burpees

Tried to keep up with Skudra!

R.K. Barker said...

That was a great one. MAJ Garneau, remind me to never make you angry in case you're programming. 5 rounds plus 130 meters.

Jacquie said...

4 rounds + 160 meters.

I then went and ran a couple miles as punishment for missing yesterday.

Adrienne said...

4 full rounds.

I hate bear crawls. Just for the record.

Alex Vinson said...

4 rounds + 50 meters, feelin' a little slow today...