Tuesday, 8 May 2012 (Partner WOD #2)

Today we have WOD#2 of Partner WOD Week!  We will meet at Shea Stadium at 0540, warm-up and get after it!  Rain or shine (barring crazy lightning!) we will be there.

Overall concept for this WOD  In the endzone of the football field, one person will do max reps of the designated exercise while the other person runs 100 yards and back.  Upon return, call out number of reps complete and your partner sprints the length of the field and back.  After both people have completed the run, you will finish the round by fireman's carrying your partner to the 50 yard line, then switch and they will carry you back to the start point.  After returning from the fireman's carry, you have completed the round and move to the next round, which has the same exact concept, with a different exercise.  Keep a running total of reps complete.

5 Rounds for Time:

Round 1 - Exercise = push-ups
Round 2 - Exercise = rowers
Round 3 - Exercise = burpees
Round 4 - Exercise = mountain climbers
Round 5 - Exercise = air squats

Score = total reps/time (in seconds) x 1000

NOTE:  If we have an odd number of people, then you will form a team consisting of 2 people and 1 person.  When the slowest of the two people return from the run, then switch out.  For fireman's carry, between the 3 people, go 75 yards instead of 50 yards, with each person doing a 50 yard leg of carrying.

Bonus round - once complete, if you are feeling chipper and full of energy run a partner mile for time - each person runs a 400 meter leg (1 lap) and then tags out with their partner.  Each person runs 2 laps.

Post partner's name, score, total reps complete, and time to comments.  Also, post time for bonus round if you decide to do it.


Adam said...

It was great to see everyone at the track this morning!

Matt and I had 402 points (301 reps/12:28) x 1000

5:31 for partner mile.

Nice work by everyone!

Mickey said...

301 reps
11:52 time

Score = 423

Partner Mile: 5:22

Sorry about my tardiness.. lol

MikeRothenb said...

Nick and I, aviators unite

263 reps
11:20 time i think

Score = 386

partner mile: 5:13

Matt said...


Adam, we actually got 407.859 points. Our time was 12:18.

This WOD made me feel like play dough

Adam said...

nice catch, I must have forgotten to stop my watch until I caught my breath!

Anonymous said...

270 reps (counting every other mountain climber and subbing DUs for squats)/13:17*1000=338

Partner was Dave S.

Mile: 5:06

Sorry it's been so long since a post. Congrats to the class of 2012. Hopefully when I see you all next, it'll be with my tab.