Friday, 13 April 2012

Let's meet in front of the Comm's House at 0530.  We will warm up and then step off by 0540.

Run 5km for time.

route:  Comm's House to Lee Gate and back.

Post time to comments.


njc said...

Combatives midterm tomorrow morning, I'll have to miss the morning crew. I need the running though, so I'll make it up.

Mickey said...

23:58 w/ Mike and Andrew

1:04 faster than last time. Legs felt like they were filled with lead from this week.

Chelley said...

wow, I've continued my slide towards running mediocrity! Not sure of the cause - loss of ability, loss of motivation, end of a tough week, or what...but my times for the course continue to slip!

22:13 today

(21:56 in July; 21:00 last April; and 20:15 in Nov 2010 - dang it!)

MikeRothenb said...

kept it light on the intensity today, my legs are pretty beat from orienteering and our workouts this week, it was nice to get in a little run.

ErinM said...

Sandhurst team run. A beautiful morning for running!

We ran up to Michie via the housing behind Lusk, up to Delafield, down to Lee Gate and back. 41:20

jswobe said...

Posting late...


Better than last time, still not great. But I'm confident in my 5 km route this time.