Friday 5/14/10

For Time:

50x Deadlift (225/185)
1 Mile Run


SM said...


Finished the deadlifts in 2:40, so that puts me at a 6 min mile pace.

This was a terrible week of CrossFit, but its nice to end it on a good note.

Now its time for Mil Art......

JWhips said...


This was horrible. The run really showed how much I pulled with my back on the deadlifts. Run time was a 7:35. Rough. It took almost a half mile before I could pick up any speed.

Great job Zach.

I guess if the WOD doesn't call for the shoulders, Gregg doesn't feel the need to come.

Tough week.

JWM said...


Zach left for the run when I was on rep #25 of the DL! Talk about demoralizing! Gained some ground on the run but not nearly enough to get within a minute of JWhips.

Fun crew of 5 this morning!

Unknown said...

Frustrating when you have to miss so many workouts in a week! This one looked brutal. Glad to see you guys on the run this morning as I took my APFT.

Zach - sick performance!! If you don't find a sectionals where you're stationed next year I will find you and make you feel bad about yourself. You are creeping into "fire breather" status! Find a box that will push you to greatness.

Not a stellar/Neal Mayo performance my any means on my APFT and somewhat embarrassed to post this:
PU-69 (94)
2MR-13:29 (98)
Total = 292

JWM said...

Mark R - Solid performance and we have missed you when you were not there this week.

NM - we missed you this morning and (as far as I know) there was not blood dripping on the bars by the end of the WOD!

Tex said...


DL took 5:23. Looks like that is my weak point.

EB said...

Let the hands heal a little bit today. Did 50 back squats @ 185# instead of dead lifts. 14:20 with a 6:40 mile