Monday 1/11/10

This is MAJ Blackmon's last week with Black and Gold, so make sure you comeout and show support for him. His last workout with us will be on Thursday.

For time:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds of:
Pull ups
Kettle bell swing (53lb/35lb)

Compare to 8/24/09

Post time to comments.

For the camera haters out there:


Paul Mary said...

3 rounds:

10 pullups
12 burpess
1/2 mile bike AFAP
50 crunches
50m bear crawl

I know this is not technically a crossfit w/o but I thought it might give people ideas.

AJ said...


Chris said...

10:34...and Arvin lung

Vanilla Gorilla said...


Amazing group today!

MikeRothenb said...


it's great seeing the big group

JWhips said...

7:10 ... this is a 45 second improvement from August. I'm also a solid 5+ lbs heavier right now. I'm sadly carrying around some "holiday" weight that needs to go away.

Great group this morning. It's great to new faces and to see the return of some old ones.

Also, I ran into an old friend as I left the '62 room this morning. As soon as I breathed in that nice cold air, I headed to the bathroom where pukie and I had our reunion. This is what I get for eating like crap for the last 4 days. I don't recommend this COA though. I need to eat better. Pukie is an old friend and everything, but I don't like him very much.

JWM said...


That was a PR by 2:21 from August. Definitely nice to see improvement. Was good to see Tony Nash pushing it hard to keep me moving too.

Nick B said...

could have blown it out more! Always tomorrow.
Get some.

Gregg said...
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Gregg said...

9:00 (PR by 2 minutes)

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

7:30 (PR)...nothing like getting a PR and having two people you beat last time you did this workout smoke you like a cheap cigar. Good work NM and JWhips, thanks for the push, I'm really going to miss that.

Didn't see Pukie but he did ring my doorbell. Arvin lung showed up and has decided to stay with me for the rest of the day I'm sure.

Great group this morning. Great to see some new faces as well as many old ones. Keep it up.

Sodak said...


Glad to see someone remembered to bring their camera today. I completely forgot all of mine, first time I have ever forgotten to bring my cameras to a crossfit workout

Good group today

Anonymous said...

9:10. Off my PR by 8 sec, so did some snatch work and went for a run to punish myself.
Continuing good showing from the post-formation crew. Great to see!

SM said...


Packed this morning

colonel54 said...


BAMA said...


I'm sorry about getting blood on the pullup bars, ground, and the kb's...I tried to wipe it all off...Honest.

Thanks for the push!

Bob said...

12& change & Arvin lung

Wish I only had 5 pounds of holiday weight!

Unknown said...


After todays workout I would like to introduce some new acronyms to describe my performance:

PW - I see that there quite possibly may be a record number of PR's (personal records) for a lot of people today. I have determined that my workout was PW (Personal WORST).

GW - After reading through all 17 posts I also realize that I have the great distinction of posting the slowest time. Therefore, I have also attained a GW (Group WORST).

Please B&G - help me to improve my performance so that I many never again post a PW or GW!

Anonymous said...


Chris M said...

Good to be back. Thanks to JWhips for starting a lunch time Crossfit group. I felt pretty sorry for myself today, but still shedded about 50 seconds off of my last time.

JWhips said...

Went in for round 2 over lunch. Did 3x3x3 for Front Squat:
185, 205, 225 (up 30lbs from August)

Trying to start up a 1215 - 1315 group for staff and faculty. If you know anyone that is interested, let me know. Thanks to Chris and the rest that showed up today.

NM said...


Absolutely sick group this morning...great to see so many new faces, especially. DB and JWhips, you're my heroes...

See you at the garage...

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Mark R--I have an acronym for you and I think if we had less of these you might have had a PW but by no means a GW.

DFP--Don't F'ing Post. These are the people that are sightseers, CrossFit tourists even. Those that come in every day and go hard most of the time but are hesitant to post because they aren't the best or someone might actually hold them accoutable.

Just thought I should throw that out there since we are adding new lingo. Now I am going to go cover my hands and forearms completely in chalk.

Anonymous said...

AM: workout with the climbing team

PM: 530 feet of roped climbing
Then today's WOD:
8:48 as rx'd

My hands are brutalized and oddly enough, my time is almost exactly the same as it was in August, even though I spent the 2 hours before climbing.

Jimmy said...

17.54 as rx'd.

westpointlefty said...