Thursday 10/15/09

Nasty Girls

For time.

3 rounds of:

50 x Squat
7 x Muscle up
10 x Hang power clean (135lb/95lb)

Post time to comments.

Video Demo Here.

Compare to 5/20/09


AJ said...

17:01 with assisted muscle ups.

SB said...

17:32 scaled HPC to 115lbs

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

9:11 (PR)

Good push from MAJs Mayo, Whipple and Bookout. This one is always more fun when you have some friendly competition.

NM said...


To echo MAJ B, thanks for the push, Fellas.

Saw some great work/improvement on muscle-ups this AM. Keep working at it and you'll get it.

JWhips said...


This was my first time with the girls. I hit the wall on the last round of MUs. A big thanks to MAJ B for the push through the end.

Jimmy said...

12.10. assisted muscle-ups and 115# cleans due to a shoulder and rib "owie" sustained in practice last night.
Body was broken down this morning but felt much better after I was finished.

Gregg said...

13:02, stood at the muscle up rings for a good bit, ended up having to do jumping MU, I couldn't even get one, which was frustrating because I could do them before, I am pretty irritated at that.

Tex said...

16:26 (PR by 5 minutes from June)

I have been a bit lax on WODs this week. I got into a fight with an escalator over the weekend and my knee lost miserably, so I have had to take it a bit easy.