Monday 6/15/09

For time.

30 x Muscle up

Post time to comments.

Do not sub pull ups and dips for this. Lower your rings as needed to get up off the floor and work the transitions. If you do not understand, see me in the morning.

Compare to 1/29/09.


RW said...


improved from 17:14 in Feb 09

Unknown said...

Kept failing at 19. Need to work on these some more. 14:50

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

12:13...this is really the first time I have done this as Rxd. I have had the ability for a while now but the workout just hasn't come around. I was glad to have this one on this months program. Good group this morning again.

SB said...

needed to give shoulder another day of rest so i did sprint wod down on the Shea field turf.
WOD#1: 40 yd sprints
16 rnds for time (new sprint every 30 secs w/ continuous clock)

1) 10 yds and back and then 1x burpee
2) 20 yds and back and then 2x burpees
3) 40 yds and back and then 4x burpees
4) 80 yds and back and then 8x burpees
5) 40 yds and back and 4x burpees
6) 20 yds and back and 2x burpees
7) 10 yds and back and 1x burpee
Continuous get 1 minute for each round)
Time: 6:07

Got these off of CF football site awhile back

DanH said...

rx'd - 8:31

Chris said...

No rings, so I did Friday's WOD at 115 with 4 fouls

NM said...


Great coaching from the morning crew over the past few months has made a huge difference in the muscle-up for me. On 29JAN09, I did this same workout in 26:04.

Unknown said...

I could only get 1 muscle up. Must be something I am doing wrong. Even after using the false grip I would always end up to far back to transition to the dip. Did 30 ring pull ups and 30 ring dips instead. Still took me 7:30 to do.

Sodak said...

I believe I was around 10 something.. but mine were modified until I can join the big boys.

Tex said...

My right shoulder felt oddly weak this morning. I could barely do pushups and ring dips, much less MUs. It may have something to do with all the arm bars over the past 2+ weeks.

After morning combatives I did the Friday's CF Main WOD with minor modifications:
I did the same WOD after the afternoon session:
rested 5 minutes then rowed 2000m:

dkeys said...

11:50...first time every doing this one, had to do it from my knees...almost ripped my arm out of socket on 14, just trying to do them too quickly...still not ready to do a real one...