Monday, 23 JULY 2012

Welcome back from the weekend.  I had the honor of hosting two future firebreathers are part of the Ice Cream Social.  New Cadet Sam Speer (left) and New Cadet Patrick Fullam (right) are pumped up and ready to join Black and Gold once Beast ends.  They will need to do a few WODs to work off all the ice cream and junk food they ate!

In the morning will start off with 10 minutes of work on progressions for muscle-ups.  Afterwards, we will do the WOD.

Today's WOD looks EASY, but it is challenging!!

200 x push-ups for time (advanced)
150 x push-ups for time (intermediate)
125 x push-ups for time (beginner)

NOTE:  Whenever you rest (defined as knees touching the ground), knock out 3 x strict pull-ups.
NOTE2:  Scale as needed - if you need to do push-ups on your knees, that's fine, just do the pull-ups whenever you rest.  Also, you can scale to kipping pull-ups, jumping pull-ups, or band assisted pull-ups if needed.
NOTE3:  Don't cheat yourself!  Full range of motion on the push-ups - chest touches the floor and then arms are fully locked out.

Post number of push-ups completed (advanced, intermediate, or beginner), overall time and number of pull-ups to comments.


Joe W said...

200 push/27 pull. 14:11 rx.
Have a great week!

Adam said...

okay, so my 'strategy' fell apart yet again. I started with sets of 25, which quickly became sets of 15...and then 10. Good to see a big crew there this morning!

200 push-ups/39 pull-ups, 15:22

(compared to 13:07 for a similar WOD with air squats instead of

Matt said...


200 push-ups/18 pull-ups, 11:59


Mickey said...

Did about 15 muscle ups in the warm up.

200 pushups
Added 200 ab mat situps after w/ same pullup rule

27:25 altogether

A ton of pullups. I lost count