Friday, 1 July

Rope, Run & Ride - for time:

100 x double-unders
Run 1 mile (1600 meters)
Ride (bike) 5 km
Run 1 mile
100 x double-unders

NOTE:  At West Point, our approximate 1 mile run is from Arvin to Kozcusiko Monument and back.
NOTE2:  You get 1 bonus point for every "hooah" you say to a new cadet when running by.


Adam said...


that was a fun one - I felt like I wasn't going anywhere on the bike, but made up for it on the run and rope. Great way to end the week with a great morning crew!

Oh yeah, and I earned one bonus point for a "hooah, new cadets!" to a crew of weary looking newbs at the end of their formation run.

Enjoy your long weekend!

MikeRothenb said...

im feeling it today.

Matt said...


I couldn't keep up with Adam. I started both runs before him and he passed me like I was walking. Great smoker.