Tuesday, 06/07/10

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Overhead Squat (45#)

Check out the links to give you somethings to work on for this workout. This is a simple couplet with low weight for the overhead squat. In concept - you should be working very fast. I would offer up that if you have difficulty with kipping pull-ups or completing a "good" overhead squat, that you use THIS workout to work on and improve those skills.

Let me know if anyone is having problems with the links. One is wmv and the other is mov.

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Unknown said...


Kingsley had me beat by one rep!!
Props to Josh for getting his first kipping pull-ups! Props to everyone as they dialed in their technique.

Unknown said...

13:50. OHS felt a lot better than in the past - I thought this was going to be way worse than it was - just trying to stabilize the weight.

JC said...


Need alot of work on kipping, but it's a start. Thanks Mark for the great coaching!

NM said...

Missed the AM crew...looked like a great WOD! I'll be back from TDY this afternoon and make the WOD up later.

Ran ~5K this morning...somewhere around 21 minutes.

Kings said...

9:24-25(ish). Enjoyed the OHS. Did not enjoy the pull-ups.

Thanks to Mark for a big push. He was crushing me on the pull-ups all the way through.

Then, I watched Mac go through and destroy us by about a minute and half. Thanks, bud.

Anonymous said...

7:53. Lost grip strength pretty quickly, which ended up being the limiting factor.

Thanks for the props, Kings, but we both know what will happen once we start to add weight to the bar...I'll be struggling to finish anywhere near you.

Welcome to the new members, and don't get too frustrated by early challenges with form and technique. It took me a good 4 months to get a kipping pullup, and at least 6 to figure out the OH squat.

Tips for the squat - start with your hands wide on the bar, move your hips back before you bend your knees (like you're sitting down in a chair), and rotate your shoulders back as you descend (so the bar stays vertically above your ankles). If you add this into your daily warmup (with the pvc pipe), things will come together more quickly.

Ryan said...

Time was way too embarassing to post.

I have never done overhead squats before. I watched the video. I can't seem to get as low as they are showing on the video. I placed a 24" box behind me and went that low. I tried to get down to a medicine ball, but couldn't keep the form. And that is just with 45#!

Anyone have advice on what they did to get the form down? Please let me know.

JWM said...


I could really have used the morning crew for the push on this one. I had the first two sets unbroken and then THS started to set in. The breaths betweens sets took a bit too long.

Good WOD.

Unknown said...

Ryan - like Mac said, don't get too frustrated. Here are a couple recommendations:
-Incorporate into daily warm up.
-Take the PVC pipe, grip wide in the hang position, shrug your shoulders up to your ears, and while keeping your elbows locked, swing the pipe all the way around to your back. This will limber up your shoulders and create muscle memory for where you should be overhead.
-Focus on good air squat form and then introduce the bar overhead.
-Lock out your elbows by shrugging shoulders and trying to bend the bar while it's overhead (pulling with your pinkies if that makes sense).
-You may have to pull the bar SLIGHTLY behind you when you're at the bottom of the squat in order to maintain the bar "overhead." (which means directly over your ankles).

Give that a shot. At the end of the day, try and find a CF affiliate near you and get some good coaching -- it's worth it.

soyks said...


with alot of help from the big green rubber band, I definitely need to get better at kipping and I will be practicing it in my warm up

SM said...