Thursday, 6/03/10

Meet at Shea Stadium if you're so inclined.

Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
50 Squats

An alternate location if you don't want to use the track is to run from Ike Statue down diagonal walk and back (don't make the turn - just stay on the straight away).

Do not do this workout on a treadmill -- it's not the same no matter what people say.

Remember, this is what good squat form looks like.

Post total time to comments.


Unknown said...

400 - Squats
1:22 - 1:36
1:44 - 1:38
1:44 - 1:55
1:42 - 1:40

JC said...


NM said...


AJ said...

I should have looked at the WOD before I did my 8 mile run this morning. I'll hit this one up tomorrow.

Unknown said...

11:40. There was some improvement. I believe that the last time we did this one, it was only 3 rds and I came in about 22 seconds faster at the end of the 3rd round during this itteration.

SM said...

Did yesterday's WOD since I was on the road.

BP- 215, 225, 235(f)
SGDL- 315, 365, 385(f)
Snatch- 135, 115, 115- first ones were really poor form

Ryan said...

Slow Day.


Tough to workout when yu have family visiting and wanting to do everything.

I do have a new goal: Not to be the slowed on the comments page.