MONDAY (29 AUG 16)

Reminder that Monday starts the first day of the CrossFit Black & Gold 10 Day On-Ramp Program.

We will meet in the Arvin 62' Room at 0530.  We will be going over the following basic movements:
-Box Jump
As well as an introduction to mobility.

Following movement instruction the workout will occur on the Hayes Gym Track:
Air Squats
-With a 400m run after each set.

If you are new to CrossFit / Functional Fitness please attend the On-Ramp.  If you are interested in coaching please link up with the Primary Coach (CPT Ouimet) so you can assist coaching tomorrow.

If you are not on the email distort and would like to be added please contact Cadet Brendon Cagney (Club CIC).

The uniform is Gym-A or Army PTs with towel.   DOD civilians can wear appropriate workout cloths as per ACPDC rules.  Bring water and any other items necessary.

Please arrive as early as possible.  The Primary Coach will take attendance and look to start the warm-up NLT 0535.

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