Chipper...with a few brutal snags.


50 x Cal Row (62' Room) from 62' Room to 3rd Floor gym.
50 x GHD Sit-ups
25 x Front Squat/Cleans (75% -1RM Clean) (See Details)*
50 x Pull-ups
50 x Pistols**
25 x Deadlift (75% - 1RM) (See Details)***

* Front Squat / Cleans:  Set up the bar on the floor with 75% of your 1RM clean.  Clean the bar to the front rack position and then complete up to 5 x Front Squats.  If you are able to do more than 5...too bad, set the weight back and you must clean it again.  So in a perfect world it will take 5 cleans with 5 front squats per cleans.  If you squat clean the first rep this also counts as your first front squat rep.

**Pistols:  A pistol is a one legged squat.  Alternate between legs.  Keep one leg out straight and lower the other side until the hip crease is below the top of the knee.  If unable to do a pistol correctly place a hand on the floor to help you push back up, or do a pistol off a box for better stability.

**Deadlift:  Figure out what additional weight needs to be added to your clean weight in order to get to 75% of your 1RM deadlift and have that set aside.  When you make it to the deadlifts load the additional weight on the bar. 

As always.  The ability to maintain proper form is more important than the ability to complete the workout as prescribed.  Take your individual abilities into consideration and scale the workout as necessary.  Scaling can include reducing weight, reducing repetitions, or replacing exercise for a similar yet easier (or harder) exercise (example:  replace GHD for Ab-mat sit-ups, pistols for air squats, pull-ups for jumping pull-ups, etc.).

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Nicolas Ouimet said...

28:50 (225# Clean/Front Squat & 335# Deadlift)...
...the clean/FS were way worse than I thought they would be.