Tuesday, 7 January

Location: 0530 inside the 3rd floor entrance of Thayer Hall.

WOD: Five rounds for time.
Run two laps around Thayer Hall (~ 500 meters).
Rest equal time.

Post time in comments.


R.K. Barker said...

Made it a partner WOD, teamed up with Erin and rested while she ran. We finished in 20:12. That was fun?

Jacquie said...

Krista and I finished in 23:18. No, R.K., that was not fun, but it was a good reason to get out of bed early!

Christa Rose said...

Not at all fun - but Erin was totally right. Walking around Thayer today I felt so acccomplished!! Thanks for the motivation, ya'll.

ErinM said...

Yes it was fun, R.K.