MONDAY (25 JAN 2016)

Black & Gold is back!

After a long hiatus the functional fitness club, CrossFit Black & Gold, is back.  We are still working on getting quality coaches to commit to teaching classes, but want to start getting basic programing out for those interested.

Short Term goals:

We hope to have hours to meet out later this week.

We are looking to introduce functional fitness to the Corps of Cadets, as well as interested staff and faculty.  We also want to gather and vet interested coaches, and put together an experienced team to compete in local CrossFit / Functional Fitness competitions.

If interested please contact:
CPT Ouimet:
CPT Bedard:

More information to follow in the coming week:


DATE 25-Jan-16
Warm-up Jog lap down one set of stairs and up another.
-20 lunges in hallway
-20 backwards lunges
-20 Air Squats
-10 Burpees
2 min stretching
Location Outside 3rd Floor WR
Strength / Skill Back Squat & Pull-ups
Location 3rd Floor Gym
Beginner Back Squat
Establish 5xRM
-Start with bar.
-Form more important than weight.


3 x 5 pull-ups
Proficient Back Squat
x5 @ 65%
x5 @ 75%
x5 @ 80%


3 x 5-7 Chest to bar
Competitor Back Squat
x5 @ 65%
x5 @ 75%
x3 @ 85%
x 3 @ 90%


3 x 10-15 Chest to bar
3 x Max Bar MUs
WOD Location Base of Stairway to Heaven 
Equipment Jump Rope
Level 1
25 x Air Squat
Run Stairs
50 x Single Unders
20 x Burpees
25 x Single Unders
20 x Burpees
50 x Single Unders
Run Stairs
25 x Air Squat
Level 2
50 x Air Squat
2 x Run Stairs
100 x Double Unders
25 x Burpees
50 x Double Unders
100 x Double Unders
2 x Stairs
50 x Air Squats
Level 3
Do same as Level 2
Half reps for Level 2 and do a 20 minute AMRAP.

If no rope do jump tucks
Sub 2 singles for 1 double

FORM and SAFETY are more important than hitting a weight, or getting one more rep.  Ensure you are pushing yourself, but also working out within your capability.  If you are new/er to CrossFit / Functional Fitness, or even experienced, please ensure you are listening to your body when you workout.

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